Month: June 2016

4 Things to Know Before Booking a Hotel in Vadodara

Vadodara city is situated on both the banks of river Vishwamitri in Gujarati State at 423 Feet and 2.74 inches altitude and has enriched the nation by grooming mighty men like Maharshi Aurbindo Ghosh , Aacharya Vinoba Bhave, Dada Bhai Naoroji and Doctor Ambedkar. The population of Vadodara is over 1 million. The city is a mixture of many eras and its reputation as “Cultural Capital” dates largely from the late 19th Century, when it was the capital of the princely state of Baroda.

Vadodara, the city of Joy, stands out to be the essence of old world charm and the unmatched modern luxury which is found at some of the best hotels in Vadodara. While one may be able to find the natural beauty of the city to be tremendously overwhelming for all the senses of the body, the hotels and the kind of luxurious stay that is offered. The city is famous for its appetizing and tasty food, colorful cultural background, signature and unbeatable hospitality offered by hotels. However, it is important that the choice of a hotel should be made after a thorough research before embarking on the trip and it does not just mean checking the Vadodara hotel tariff. When planning a trip to the city, checking the below 4 important things about the hotels that may help you in many ways:

  • Facilities: When you are on a holiday or trip to the city, it is important to make sure that you get complete value for money and may be able to enjoy the different amenities that are offered by the hotel such as the pools, gym rooms etc.
  • Transport: In many cases, hotels provide pickup and drop services to and from airports or railway stations and transportation may also be offered for a tour around the city. Being able to know about such added advantages may be more helpful in planning a more foolproof trip.
  • Food: Before choosing a hotel, it is important to make sure that they offer a good variety of food to the guests. There may be instances where one may have to leave early in the morning for a tour of the city or return late in the night and may need dinner served in the room after a long day, at such times it helps when the hotels have an in-house restaurant.
  • Tariffs: Finally, it is important to check and compare room and their service rates before finalizing the hotel because it may be possible to find a hotel in Vadodara with tariff rates that are below normal owing to the off-season time.

When all the regular and special checks are carried out, please make sure that you have opted for the best possible hotel for your stay. The hotel that is chosen for a stay holds a great amount of influence on the entire holiday experience which is why it becomes even more essential to make the necessary checks before booking.

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