Month: May 2016

Tips for Choosing a Great Dining Restaurant When Travelling

When travelling, it can be tough to focus on your trip and still have some time to pick a right restaurant you are about to dine in is a great one or not? Many times, travellers end up dining in the worst dining places simply because they don’t know what to look for in a dining place or because of lack of time they are unable to check the reputation of a place. All in all, following are a couple of things you can do to make sure you only dine in the best Multi Cuisine or Best Dining Restaurants when travelling.

Make a list of reputable restaurants : Prior to your departure from home, it is vital that you take some time to research about the restaurant at your targeted destination. The beautiful thing is that almost all great dining restaurants today have a website. They all use different advertise method to promote their services. You can also take a look at the reviews and you can also have a look to what people are saying about the restaurant. Before you pick up a best multi cuisine restaurant or any dining restaurant, make sure you consider its rating and go through its online menu. Have a look at what they offer and do they offer what you desire? If answer comes out to be yes then Bingo that’s the place that you were searching for and If there are negative reviews, what are they about and do they concern you?

Get a travel guide : Now that you know which dining restaurants are ideal for you, it is important for you to get a guide, that can help you to find where these dining places are. A guide will further help you find some of the most recommended dining places in your target destination. Use Social Media : A less conventional method that you can use to know more about the reputation of a multi cuisine restaurant is your social media network. It is a good way to know more about that place by someone that is in your contacts has been to your target destination and they will be happy to give you helpful tips to help get a great time.

The above tips will help find the ideal dining place. If you are searching for a restaurant in Vadodara, BayLeaf @ Hotel Express Residency, is one of the best multi cuisine restaurant and a perfect dining places you can go for. This is a perfect dining place for both individuals and family dinners. Amazing services are offered and there are numerous specials for kids.

Food and flavours are like sounds and tones that combine to make the language of food. At Bayleaf, our chefs are fluent in all the dialects of Indian and world cuisines delivering mouthwatering dishes that create a sensory delight.

Bayleaf is a place where best of the Indian cuisines meets the rest of the world delicacies. From Kashmiri kebabs to Thai curries, from Punjabi panner to Lebanese falafel, from Hyderabadi biryani to Italian pizza, every morsel at Bayleaf is cooked by the food lovers for the food lovers.

Our chef’s recommendations include Cheese & corn tomato soup, Thai coconut cream soup, Lettuce pineapple salad, Chicken Hawaiian salad, Chilli chese toast, Jhinga tandoori, Murgh, Tangdi lazeez, Paneer tikka makhni, Murgh makhni andaz, London house fish and chips, Prawn in hot garlic sauce to name a few.

Make a visit today to Bayleaf : Baroda’s best Multi Cuisine Restaurant.

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Prominence of Amenities in Banquet and Conference Rooms

Planning a business meet is not just ushering and placing name cards on the tables. People do not only notice the cooling and heating facilities rendered or furnished by the organiser but it does not take time for them to recognize the amenities provided when something during their gathering goes utterly wrong. Perfection in outcomes needs perfection in the execution process. Likewise if you want to draw a favourable deal from a business meeting, then the ambiance and amenities should be flawless like:

  • The conference room should be devoid of the outside’s hustle and bustle. The gatherers can use the pin drop silence in focusing their mind. Eliminating the noises can serve the purpose.
  • There should be proper table arrangements depending upon the type of conference. Also, people need comfort for channeling their thoughts and they can do it properly while they sit with their acquaintances.
  • For influencing an important person, eye contact is necessary and their body language can do half of the work before you close the deal. So, sitting arrangements are an inevitable part of proper comfort or amenity for a business meet.
  • When every thing goes as planned, no one bothers but as soon as something wrong happens, the embarrassment and unimpressionable gestures kick in. And then, the back up plan or the alternatives are applied for keeping everything in sequence. So, everything should be backed up with alternatives. Like, the cooling system should be average and likable to everyone.
  • In comfort along with sitting and atmosphere, food also comes with the package. Catering is also one of the important parts of amenities. Food should be available in accordance with the taste of the crowd.
  • When it comes to ambiance, one should know before choosing the venue of the meeting that the atmosphere leads the direction of the functioning of a mind. Surroundings are important because the vibes that it create paves the path of the thoughts generated. So, the conference room should be free from extra bright lights, colours and decorations which can distract the attendees.
  • A banquet hall or conferencing room should also be laced with the capacity of absorbing vehicles of the attendees.

All the features that are mentioned above make the banquet and conference rooms for business impeccable and can impress the parties.

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Hotel Express – Budget Hotel in Vadodara

We all have been in on and off journey somehow, either for business or for enjoying the ecstasy of world and different places. But the thing here is, all of us do not have the bounty of money bags to spend over everything. As we know, India is still doing on his part of development and blokes here are trying to build and develop business for their daily bread. As we speak about business, you must be aware of the fact that hotel business in India is at peak. But as you will dig a little deeper, you will realize that every hotelier here is not big budgeted. But the thing that matters is how much aptly you can utilize the budget provided? It is a skill to put money at its best use and use it very efficiently.

Well, everyone wants to utilize his money fully and wants to stay at a place with relatively large degree of resources to be utilized and with best amenities like menu with an array of cuisines, rooms with privacy and quick services, cleanliness, and many more. We go through every fact before booking a hotel room because when it comes to money and ease, we do not leave anything at stake. If you are planning to visit Vadodara somehow, then we would like it to bring it at your attention at budget hotel in Vadodara. Hotel Express in Vadodara is better than a hotel that you can get in an average budget. You will be astounded by the things that it can offer you by charging less amount of money.

You will get different suite, children room, deluxe double room, standard double room etc. You have an option of paying after booking and free cancellation of several rooms. The facilities that Hotel Express in Vadodara provide you with fall in line as given below:

  • It has free wi-fi access all over the building.
  • It has fitness centres, free parking (TC applied).
  • Room services, packed lunches and special menu, if asked.
  • Snack bars add extra point in the list.
  • Reception services are discreet with the facility of safety deposit box, currency exchange, luggage storage, tour desk, for any further queries.
  • Common areas like garden and places for executing business meets come with the package.
  • You can also seek laundry services like, washing, ironing, shoeshine etc.
  • This hotel also provides amenities for disabled or handicapped.

So, before you jump to any conclusion, we would like it if you can compare all the creature comforts that every budget hotel in Vadodara can present you in your budget. See for yourself and decide what suits you the best.

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