Tourist Place Near Vadodara


Vadodara has blessed with some great tourist spots in Gujrat. Whether you are looking for a national sanctuary, a place to trek, visiting holistic sites or have fun at the amusement park with your family, every destination is near this city. If you are a tourist, just make a hotel booking online and visit the attraction all around the day. One can easily find many hotel booking online for Vadodara. So, here are some interesting places where you can have memorable weekend and have a quick escapade from the hectic life.

  • Zarwani Waterfall: If you are looking for perfect picnic spot among nature, then visit Zarwani Waterfall located near the wildlife sanctuary of Shoolpaneshwar. The place is a must visit spot in the rainy season where you can spot the beautiful birds, endangered wildlife species, and flora that will leave you to spell bound. Enjoy nature trails and have a small picnic listening to the splash of Zarwani Waterfall.
  • Dakor: One of the most popular tourist attraction of Gujarat, Dakor city is buzzed with people chanting prayers of Ranchhodraiji. Built during the 18th century near Gomti river, Dakor temple boast of the magnificent architecture. The temple has a fascinating history which many people will love to tell you. Don’t forget to taste the famous Dakorka Gota a spicy ball with chilled curd.
  • Jambughoda Wild Life Sanctuary: Another place to enjoy wildlife is by visiting Jambughoda Wild Life Sanctuary. Here the online hotel booking India is done by forest department website. One can arrange camping, trekking and safari tours at nominal rates.
  • Champaner and Pavagadh Hills: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is a place that will take you back on time. The place is rustic and is well preserved to its original form. Pavagadh has a Kali Temple which is a famous Shakti Peeth of Gujarat. There are ropeways for those who don’t want to climb the stairs going toward the temple.

These are just a few most sought places by tourists visiting Vadodara. Before you plan the trip make sure to book hotels online India. There are many great deals on online hotel bookings which is much cheaper and will save your money for sure.